Friday, July 25, 2008

Grandma Beth and Grandpa Joe are coming!

There are just too many cute, funny, wild, and just plain wrong quotes coming from our house lately. My husband Bob and 2 1/2 year old daughter, Ellery are mostly to blame. I feel the need to document these quotes, so they don't become forgotten. So, the blog is born.
My mom and step-father really need to find a hobby, other than going to the Peppermill. 2 weeks ago, Ellery was pretending to talk with Grandpa Joe on the phone-"Grandpa Joe, what are you doing? Are you at the Peppermill?". She is already aware that they spend a lot of their newly retired time gambling. Oh, and acquiring free stuff.
Mom called yesterday morning and asked what we were doing this weekend. Nothing, of course, except trying to survive in our not-so-new 2 kiddo world. They headed towards Denver an hour later and should be here later this afternoon. Driving 16 hours from Reno. While on bedrest during my second pregnancy, Ellery and Grandma Beth became inseparable. 4 months together is a long time. When Ellery found out that Grandma Beth and Grandpa Joe would arrive after her afternoon nap the excitement in her eyes was undeniable. "Momma, I'm so excited that Grandma Beth is coming to visit me". So sweet she is, sometimes.

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