Monday, July 28, 2008

Potty Training, Who Knew

Who knew potty training can actually last a year or so? We thought we had Ellery potty trained in just 2 days. Naive first timers. The "accidents" continue to happen occasionally until 4-6 years old!! Occasionally, in the LeMire household means pretty much daily. Pee and poop rule our world.
"I made a cow come out of my butt with my magic wand", Ellery said yesterday. I'm hoping this is not a cause for worry?
Most children look at clouds and imagine different shapes and faces. Ellery looks at her poop instead.
"Look, I made a crocodile with my poop"
"Look, I made a mountain with my poop"

Bob takes Ellery hiking and has taught her to pee in the woods. She has come to believe that this means it's OK to pee and poop in our yard (front and back). Luckily, our neighbors are pretty cool.

How many times can a person write poop in 1 blog post?

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